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Al-Sabeeh apologizes for not participating in government formation

As Prime Minister-designate Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah engages in consultations to assemble the new government, reliable sources disclosed to Al-Rai that Dr. Adel Al-Sabeeh has steadfastly reiterated his decision to decline participation in the upcoming formation.

According to the sources, Dr. Adel Al-Sabeeh was the initial individual with whom the Prime Minister-designate initiated contact, extending an invitation for involvement in the government even before approaching any other party. It was revealed that Al-Sabeeh, in response, requested time to deliberate on the proposition until the following day.

On the subsequent day, Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Al-Sabah received a comprehensive document from Al-Sabeeh outlining the impending challenges confronting the forthcoming government.

The document delved into Al-Sabeeh’s considerations regarding his ministerial role, addressing the challenges at hand and proposing a strategic approach for the future.

Initially citing his age and political background as factors, Dr. Adel Al-Sabeeh expressed in his initial refusal that he no longer deemed himself suitable for a ministerial position. However, Sheikh Muhammad Al-Sabah remained keen on Al-Sabeeh’s involvement in the government formation.

The sources revealed that, despite Al-Sabeeh’s initial apology, a recent conversation occurred between the Prime Minister-designate and Dr. Adel Al-Sabeeh. During this discussion, Al-Sabeeh reiterated his decision to decline participation, emphasizing the escalating challenges that the government is set to face.

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