About Us

is the first licensed English-language news website in Kuwait and conforms to Kuwait Ministry of Information Law 8 of 2016, which regulates all electronic media in the country.

Since its first appearance as a weekly newspaper on Kuwait’s media scene nearly a quarter-century ago, The Times Kuwait has gone on to become the leading weekly English language newsmagazine in Kuwait.

The transition from a weekly newspaper to a weekly newsmagazine, with its more in-depth focus on issues and analyses of events, occurred in 2012.

Following an extensive make-over exercise in late 2012, The Times Kuwait emerged as a full-color weekly newsmagazine in a new design language that immediately grabbed the attention of media purveyors, advertisers and readers alike. The new newsmagazine with more pages and a handy size not only wore a reinvigorated look that made it stand-out among staid publications of the time, but it also drew readers for the quality and tone of its content and the richness of its images.

Simultaneous to its appearance in the new print format, the decision was made to come out with a pdf version emailed to readers that would further supplement the already sizable print circulation. The online pdf version was welcomed by readers who were increasingly moving their perusal of media to computers and laptops.

Readership of The Times Kuwait surged both in the country and abroad. In a short span of time, the newsmagazine’s independent editorial position coupled with its honest and impartial presentation of news, helped entrench its position as the premier weekly newsmagazine in Kuwait.

In line with reading trends in the country and with the aim of reaching an even wider audience, the management took the next logical step in the evolution of The Times Kuwait. The decision was made in 2014 to launch an online presence with an interactive website at www.timeskuwait.com

In 2016 the TimesKuwait.com became the first licensed English-language news website in Kuwait conforming to Kuwait Ministry of Information Law 8 of 2016 that was enacted to regulate all electronic media in the country. Winning this license was an attestation of the website’s credibility, its adherence to factuality and its impartiality in the delivery of content, as well as a testimony to the journalistic professionalism displayed in its news coverage.

Since then, the TimesKuwait.com with its highly interactive focus has endeared the website to readers and advertisers alike. In addition to highlights from our print and pdf editions, the website also brings readers the latest local and international news as it breaks, informative feature articles, interesting social happenings and upcoming events in and around town, as well as a whole lot more that targets every segment of Kuwait’s multifaceted society.

TimesKuwait.com has today become the go-to website for a wealth of relevant information on Kuwait that is delivered in a timely and concise manner. In addition, the highly interactive nature of the website provides a platform for readers to voice their opinions, make suggestions and comment on issues in news, or on matters that impact their lives.

In consonance with the philosophy that every journey begins with a small step, we are confident that together with our readers and the support of advertisers we can make a difference in the lives of people and in the society we live in, and interact with, on a daily basis.