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MEW conducts mock evacuation of its premises in South Surra

The Ministry of Electricity, Water, and Renewable Energy conducted a simulated evacuation of its personnel yesterday, assessing its readiness and preparedness to ensure the safety of employees and visitors within its South Surra building.

Engineer Aqul Al-Anazi, the Assistant Undersecretary for the Technical Services Sector in the Ministry, stated in a press release, “The evacuation was executed according to protocol and at the designated time, with noticeable awareness and cooperation from both visitors and employees who gathered at pre-assigned assembly points.”

Al-Anazi further explained, “We have a dedicated team trained in evacuation procedures in collaboration with the Civil Defense of the Ministry of Interior.

The evacuation proceeded smoothly, and afterward, employees returned to their respective offices.” He emphasized that the primary objective of the evacuation exercise is to educate employees in the main ministry building on proper evacuation procedures and to provide them with training. Additionally, the exercise helps assess the Ministry’s maintenance team’s preparedness, addressing any identified issues during the evacuation.

Highlighting the responsibility of the ministry’s maintenance team for fire systems and corridor safety, Al-Anazi added, “the corridors are regularly inspected to ensure structural integrity, and the fire alarm, control systems, and elevators adhere to contracts based on the Ministry of Interior and Firefighting regulations. We remain committed to fulfilling these requirements through regular maintenance.”

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