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MOE ensures highest levels of monitoring accuracy during examinations

The Ministry of Education has affirmed its commitment to maintaining high efficiency and effective coordination throughout the examination period. The ministry follows an organized mechanism to ensure the readiness and accuracy of correction and evaluation processes until their completion. This ensures the highest levels of accuracy in correcting and monitoring students’ grades, which are subsequently uploaded to the ministry’s website upon approval.

The Assistant Undersecretary for the Technical Services Sector in the Ministry, Engineer Aqul Al-Anazi, stated that the transfer of tests to correction control is meticulously organized and tightly secured. This is done in collaboration with competent departments to guarantee efficient and secure transfers, ensuring the success of the examinations, reports Al-Rai daily.

A team of control specialists operates in the hotline room during exams, receiving communications from exam committees and officials to oversee the examination process in all educational regions.

Othman Al-Failakawi, the official in charge of the hotline room, described the workflow, which involves receiving communications related to exam work and transferring them to the relevant authorities for prompt responses to inquiries or questions.

In the examination delivery and receipt section, the answer forms are handled with strict protocols, involving three parties: the representative of the secret printing press, the technical guidance, and the control. The answer forms are not opened until after the exam time concludes, and the three parties are present to ensure the completion of the seal.

Member of the grading committee, Ali Jaber, emphasized the careful security follow-up in the three stages of transporting exam boxes. The boxes are loaded from the secret printing press to educational areas, then transferred from educational regions to examination committees, and finally from examination committees to the control of the literary and scientific departments.

Twelfth-grade students are entering the final stage of exams at the end of the first semester. The students of the science department are concluding their exams with the biology test, while the students of the literary department will take the history subject and conclude with the statistics test.

Technical advisor Abdulaziz Al-Ajmi provided educational advice to students, emphasizing thorough preparation, bringing all necessary tools, reading the entire question paper before answering, and utilizing resources such as previous years’ exams and the question bank for mathematics guidance.
Correction of test papers in the scientific and literary control continues, with Acting Assistant Undersecretary for Public Education, Hessa Al-Mutawa, overseeing the progress.

The ministry is keen on maintaining accuracy and confidentiality in the marking process, and the correction process is proceeding smoothly. The English language subject, for example, saw 13,204 applicants in the literary section, and the ministry appreciates the efforts of those involved in the marking process. In the scientific section, 26,697 students were assessed, taking into account individual

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