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Ukraine envoy praises Kuwait support

Ukrainian Ambassador H.E. Dr. Oleksandr Balanutsa praised Kuwait’s influential diplomacy, and honorable positions in strengthening Arab and regional solidarity to face challenges and achieve security and peace in the region, citing Kuwait’s support for his country and providing humanitarian assistance to it.

In statements to media representatives, Ambassador Balanutsa said, “We are grateful to Kuwait for its support for Ukrainians in the face of the harsh humanitarian conditions resulting from the ongoing Russian aggression. Despite the current challenges, we are doing our best to strengthen bilateral relations between our two countries, which were established 31 years ago, in all fields, especially in the economic field.”  He noted that the volume of trade exchange between the two countries reached about USD119 million in 2023.

He stressed the importance of strengthening close economic relations and building strong partnerships between Ukrainian exporters and companies in Kuwait and the Middle East, referring to the virtual trade fair that was recently held to promote trade relations between Ukraine and Kuwait and open the door for more trade exchange as well as developing international cooperation and economic growth.

While calling for the importance of taking decisive action against the Russian aggression, he stressed the need to strengthen military support and diplomatic isolation, including the seizure of Russian assets for Ukraine’s recovery.

He pointed out that Russia remains committed to a long-term war of attrition, taking advantage of its vast resources, war fatigue, and nuclear intimidation tactics, with a large military presence of 470,000 troops stationed in Ukraine. He pointed out that the serious human rights violations in the Crimean Peninsula and other occupied territories, including the detention of thousands of Ukrainian hostages, require concerted international efforts and legal clarity to address these violations.

The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry has launched a website entitled “Diplomacy in Times of War” that documents Ukrainian diplomacy in times of war during the period of the large-scale Russian aggression and provides a comprehensive review of the work of diplomats over the past two years to strengthen Ukraine and encourage international support. For our fighters and open new horizons for our country, companies and citizens in the world.

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