In an official ceremony, the Embassy of Pakistan unveiled the vibrant and intricate Pakistani Truck Art Mural at Mishref Cooperative Society on 15 November 2023. Malik Muhammad Farooq, Ambassador of Pakistan to the State of Kuwait alongside Ambassador Sameeh Essa Johar Hayat, Assistant Foriegn Minister for Asian Affairs, Dr. Mohammed Khaled AlJasser Secretary General National Council of Culture, Arts and Letters (NCCAL), Head of UN Habitat GCC Office Dr. Ameera AlHassan and Mr. Mishari Al Saqabi, Chairman of Mishref Cooperative Society unveiled the Pakistani Art Mural. The ceremony was attended by a distinguished gathering of Ambassadors, Kuwaiti dignitaries and Pakistani community members. The attendees appreciated the artistic projection of cultural ties between the two countries.

The unveiling of Pakistani Truck Art Mural at Mishref Cooperative Society marked the successful completion of the visit of Pakistani artists to Kuwait in bringing touch of Pakistani cultural richness to the heart of Kuwait. Two Pakistan artists, renowned for their skillful art of Truck Painting, embarked on their journey of immersing vibrant colors and intricate designs onto the walls of Souq Mobarakia (the heart of Kuwait) and Mishref Cooperative Society.

Supported by the Kuwait Voluntary Works Center and Mishref Cooperative Society, the artists brought the iconic Truck Art to life, infusing the heart of Kuwait with a kaleidoscope of colors and patterns. Souq Mobarakia, a bustling marketplace, and Mishref Cooperative Society, a vital community center, now exhibit themselves as canvases reflecting the rich legacy of Pakistani Truck Art, serving as a lasting symbol of the enduring friendship between Pakistan and Kuwait.

This artistic endeavor, as part of the Pakistan Cultural Week, was organized in collaboration with the NCCAL to showcase deep cultural ties between Pakistan and Kuwait while celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan and fostering a deeper understanding between the people of Pakistan and Kuwait.

In his remarks, the Ambassador conveyed his appreciation to the Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Affairs and NCCAL, Kuwait Voluntary Works Center, UN Habitat,  Mishref Cooperative Society and the people of Kuwait for their support in making the Pakistan artists visit and the Pakistan Cultural Week a resounding success. Calling the artistic gesture a celebration of shared values and traditions, the Ambassador affirmed that the Pakistani Truck Art adorning the walls of Souq Mobarakia and Mishref Cooperative Society would serve as a visual testament to the long-lasting cultural bonds between the two nations.

The Pakistan Cultural Week, including the Truck Art exhibition / display was part of the series of events organised throughout the year 2023 to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Pakistan and Kuwait.

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