The valedictory ceremony, which took place on December 14, 2023, at Gulf Indian School, unfolded like a harmonious blend of achievement and inspiration within the esteemed walls of the school auditorium. Bathed in the golden glow of a sun bidding farewell, the event commenced at 2:30 p.m., casting a magical ambiance.

As the resonance of the Holy Quran echoed through the auditorium, and the harmonious notes of the National Anthems of Kuwait and India interwove, it set the stage for an extraordinary spectacle.

Dr. V. Binumon, a beacon of wisdom, Principal & Senior Administrator, Indian Community School-Senior Branch, graced the occasion as the Chief Guest, alongside the school’s esteemed Manager, Mr. Sreekumar Pillai & the Principal Dr. S. Prashant Vasudev.

The other prominent guests were New Gulf Indian School Principal, Mr. Anoop Kumar Sharma & New Gulf Indian School Vice Principal, Mrs. Ambika Sreekumar.

Principal Dr. S Prashant Vasudev addressed the gathering with eloquence, underscoring the profound significance of the day in the tapestry of the students’ lives. The convocation unfolded like a poetic crescendo as Class 12 students were bestowed with mementos, the Principal’s heartfelt message, and the tangible proof of their scholastic journey – course completion certificates.

Exceptional students radiated brilliance as they were celebrated for their academic prowess, cultural achievements, sporting excellence, and leadership skills, resembling a constellation in the night sky.

The ‘Be Prasang Be Joyous Gold Medals’ were bestowed upon the deserving, a testament to the school’s commitment to nurturing not just scholars but moral stalwarts.

Council members were recognized for their commendable service in a ceremonial display, setting the stage for Chief Guest Dr. V. Binumon to captivate the audience with a commencement address filled with wisdom and motivation. The air was charged with anticipation as he took the stage, resembling a gentle breeze guiding graduates through the challenges that lie ahead.

Valedictorian Miss Anamika Santhosh, Head Girl, and the dynamic duo of Mr. GIS Aadarsh Sridhar and Miss GIS Zunaira Naser Khan painted the air with their speeches, each word a brushstroke in a canvas of aspirations and farewells.

As an integral moment of the ceremony, the outgoing students illuminated the occasion with candles, symbolizing the light of knowledge. Dignitaries, parents, and educators bestowed heartfelt well wishes upon them, urging the graduates to carry the symbolic torch of wisdom into the world, illuminating the path ahead.

A harmonious melody sung by a group of voices added a jubilant cadence, bringing the curtain down on the ceremony with a crescendo of positivity and joy.

Vice Principal Mrs. Kala Rajan delivered the vote of thanks, weaving words of farewell and guidance, urging the students to carry the torch of values and skills into the uncharted realms of their futures.

The valedictory ceremony, a poetic tapestry woven with threads of achievement and encouragement, stood as a testament to the culmination of one chapter and the beckoning of a new journey for the Class 12 students, now equipped to script their destinies on the grand stage of their lives.

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