Threads of Harmony exhibition begins

The House of Sadu, a renowned Kuwaiti cultural center, and the Kashmir Loom collaborated with the Indian Embassy to host a dazzling exhibition of Kashmiri textiles in Kuwait City.

The event served as a platform for cultural exchange, artistic appreciation, and strengthening the ties between India and Kuwait.

The exhibition showcased not just textiles, but also a glimpse into Kashmir’s breathtaking nature, carpet-making traditions, and diverse food products.

Attendees gained a deeper appreciation for the region’s cultural tapestry.

In a press statement on the sidelines of the opening of the exhibition, Indian Ambassador Dr. Adarsh Swaika lauded the intricate designs and quality of Indian textiles, particularly highlighting Kashmir’s rich textile heritage.

He pointed out the efforts made to bring the finest Indian products and innovations to Kuwait, fostering cultural understanding.

His words expressed his happiness with the interest of the Kuwaitis in Indian culture, including its cuisine, creative arts, music, cinema, and others.

Dr. Swaika also revealed the robust trade ties between India and Kuwait, with textiles playing a significant role in the $13.8 billion annual trade volume.

This, coupled with Kuwait’s growing appreciation for Indian culture, underscores the potential for further strengthening ties.

He acknowledged the contributions of the skilled Indian workforce in Kuwait and highlighted the embassy’s efforts in streamlining the visa process.

He reported that the consular section of the embassy issued 6,000 visas last year, and that the visa is issued within one day.

For his part, Vice-Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs for Asian Affairs Khalid Al-Yasin said, “I was pleased today to attend this occasion that was held by the Indian embassy in cooperation with the House of Sadu. Indian textiles are known worldwide for their fine craftsmanship and beautiful designs.”

The Kashmir Textiles Exhibition served as a testament to the importance of embracing cultural diversity and understanding.

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