Kuwait witnessed a mesmerizing evening of grace, skill, and artistic brilliance on the 19th of May 2023, as Nritta Dhyana – The Academy of Performing Arts, presented its annual day event at the prestigious American International School in Maidan Hawally. This renowned dance academy, established 36 years ago, has been instrumental in promoting and preserving Indian classical dance forms in Kuwait.

The event, which was wholly conceptualized, directed and choreographed by the Artistic Director Kalakshetra Guru Smt. Arundhati Singha John was graced by esteemed guests, including Sheikha Fatima Mubarak AlSabah and Sheikha Intisar Salem Al Ali Al Sabah. Their presence added an air of prestige to the occasion.

The Chief Guest for the evening was His Excellency Dr. Adarsh Swaika, the Ambassador of India to the State of Kuwait, who commended the academy for its dedication to promoting Indian culture and fostering artistic excellence. Jazeera Airways was the official travel partner of the event which included musicians and performers flown in specially for the evening.

The event showcased the incredible talent of the academy’s students, who flawlessly performed the enchanting Indian classical dance, Bharatanatyam. The performance left the audience in awe, with their synchronized movements, precise footwork, and expressive storytelling. It was evident that these dedicated students had devoted countless hours to perfecting their craft.

The highlight of the evening was a spellbinding dance drama that unfolded on stage. The students portrayed their roles with such conviction and emotional depth that it moved the viewers to tears. The performances were so believable that the audience was completely immersed in the story, witnessing the unfolding of a tale filled with love, devotion, and triumph over adversity.

The authenticity of the performance was further enhanced by the exquisite costumes and realistic props. Every detail was meticulously crafted to transport the viewers to another era. The vibrant colors, intricate designs, and traditional embellishments added a touch of grandeur to the already captivating performances.

In addition to the Bharatanatyam recitals, the audience was treated to an awe-inspiring new dance form called KALBHA. This innovative dance style was created by the artistic director of Nritta Dhyana, Guru Smt. Arundhati Singha John. The KALBHA dance was unveiled to the world for the first time, and it left everyone spellbound. The fusion of traditional elements with contemporary movements was a true testament to the academy’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of artistic expression.

A special guest artist, Girish Madhu, renowned in the field of Bharatanatyam, captivated the audience with his stellar performance. Hailing from the prestigious Kalakshetra Foundation in Chennai, his mastery over the dance form left an indelible impression on all those present.

Adding to the charm of the evening, the younger tots of the academy performed together on stage for the first time. Their innocence, enthusiasm, and budding talent were a delight to behold, leaving the audience in awe of their potential.

The event was a testament to the academy’s professionalism and attention to detail. The stage decoration, reminiscent of an ancient temple, transported the audience to another world. Every aspect of the event was flawlessly managed, creating an ambiance that was both enchanting and immersive.

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