Idukki Association Kuwait has announced the members of Women’s Forum executive committee for 2022–2023. Chairperson Mrs. Vnitha Ousepachan, Mrs. Joise John, Mrs. Johncy Bino, Mrs. Ancy Chacko, Mrs. Anit Xavier, Mrs. Bini Joseoh, Mrs. Shiji P Chacko, Mrs. Elizabeth Siljo, Mrs. Smitha Sebastian, Mrs. Raji Mathew, Mrs. Anisa Jinto, Mrs. Jeenu Jose, Mrs. Ambily Paul, Mrs. Sreekala M. R, Mrs. Divya Mathew, Mrs. Bhavya Mathew.   

The women’s forum plays a leadership role in empowering, validating, educating, and including all the women from the Idukki area, says Chairperson Mrs. Vnitha Ousepachan. She discussed the challenges, clarifies the problems, and acknowledges Kuwait’s achievement. The IAK Women’s Forum Chairperson expressed her admiration and enthusiasm for the position.

The women’s forum was created as a venue for free speech, original thought, and group problem-solving. Women’s Forum has played a significant part in IAK programming since it was founded. It has also run its own initiatives to educate women on a variety of topics, hosted seminars, and given members access to vital networking and professional development opportunities.

 The forum’s chairperson urged all women in from Idukki district to get involved in IAK.

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