By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Nine embassies of South East Asian and members of the ASEAN gathered together Saturday morning to celebrate family day after two years since COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Ambassadors, Charges D’ Affaires, diplomats and nationals of Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam spent  half day  at the grounds of Kuwait University engaged in sports, fun games, exercise and lavish food spread.

Chair person of the ASEAN Community in Kuwait Ambassador of Cambodia His Excellency Hun Han opened the event with a brief speech highlighted the role of ASEAN in the world and its close ties and harmonious relationship with Kuwait. He also welcomed and presented a plaque of appreciation to special guest Mr. Saleh Al- Sarawy, Adviser to the Department of Asia Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait. Al-Sarawy with the Ambassadors and Charges D’ Affaires toured the food stalls of ASEAN Embassies. Philippine Zumba group Z Pablik delivered a power packed workout with set of nine songs from different ASEAN countries much to the delight and pride of the nationals. Fun games immediately followed with musical chair, longest breath, balloon race and a traditional Filipino street game called “Patintero”. A question and answer game took the highlight of the event, in which questions were raised by Ambassadors and CDAs focused on the ASEAN. Prizes were donated by each embassy.

Ambassador Hun Han delivered the closing remarks and thanked everyone for the effort of putting together such a successful event in short span of time. He hopes that camaraderie and harmonious friendship will continue among the ASEAN members and the host country Kuwait. The event was hosted by Ricky Lax, CEE Network Project Manager, journalist at The Times and TV News correspondent for GMA 7 News and Current Affairs.

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