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Kuwaitization of the judiciary gains momentum

The Kuwaitization of the judiciary is in full swing, with the Supreme Judicial Council taking steps to promote and transfer 81 national cadres.

• The Kuwaitization plan aims to gradually replace expatriate judges with qualified Kuwaiti nationals.

• Female judges are being recognized for their competence and are being promoted to higher positions.

The Kuwaitization of the judiciary is progressing at an accelerated pace, with a focus on preparing and qualifying national cadres to lead this important sector.

According to a well-informed source at Al-Qabas newspaper, the Supreme Judicial Council has issued decisions impacting 81 members of the judiciary as part of the current phase of the Kuwaitization plan.

These decisions include transfers and promotions for prosecutors, court deputies, and advisors.

Empowering national prosecutors

A significant development is the transfer and promotion of 50 prosecutors, including women, to the position of “judge” in the General Court.

This move highlights the emphasis on empowering qualified Kuwaiti prosecutors to take on higher judicial responsibilities.

The plan also focuses on nurturing seasoned legal minds. 26 court deputies were promoted to the rank of advisor, and 5 advisors were further elevated to the Court of Cassation.

The Court of Cassation, which handles the highest level of appeals, naturally requires extensive experience, justifying the need for more time in fully Kuwaitizing this particular court.

Encouraging new talent

The Public Prosecution recently opened applications for the position of legal researcher, welcoming both female and male law graduates.

This initiative aims to attract a new generation of legal talent and accelerate the Kuwaitization process.

Success stories and ongoing efforts

The source confirmed that the Public Prosecution has already achieved complete Kuwaitization in some departments.

The General Court and the Court of Appeal are also witnessing progress in this area. While acknowledging the ongoing efforts, the source recognizes the longer timeframe required for the Courts of Cassation, where advisors need significant experience before promotion.

Confidence in promoted prosecutors

The source emphasized the strong performance and competence of judges who have transitioned from prosecutors.

Their contributions have received high praise from both the Public Prosecution and the Judicial Council, paving the way for further advancements for qualified prosecutors in the judiciary.

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