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Kuwait strengthens fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling

Kuwait is committed to improving its ranking in the fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

• The country will review its existing legislation and introduce necessary amendments.

• Kuwait will also strengthen its national referral system for human trafficking cases and intensify awareness campaigns for employers.

Kuwait is determined to enhance its position in the global fight against human trafficking and migrant smuggling, according to Justice Minister and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs Dr. Muhammad Al-Wasmi.

In a statement to Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) following the 12th meeting of the Permanent National Committee for Implementing the National Strategy for Preventing Human Trafficking and Migrant Smuggling, Al-Wasmi stressed the need for concerted national efforts in this regard.

He emphasized the importance of uniting national efforts in this humanitarian field, particularly in reviewing existing national legislation, submitting proposals for necessary amendments, and responding to international questionnaires.

Strengthening systems and awareness campaigns

Dr. Al-Wasmi underlined the importance of effectively implementing the national referral system for human trafficking cases.

This system is designed to ensure proper identification, assistance, and protection for victims. Additionally, he stressed the need to intensify awareness and educational campaigns for employers.

These campaigns aim to educate employers on workers’ rights and help prevent exploitative labor practices.

The Minister highlighted the National Committee’s role in monitoring the campaigns conducted by the Ministry of Interior.

These campaigns target individuals violating Kuwait’s residency laws. Following a deadline set in March, which ended on June 30th, the Ministry has been apprehending violators and providing them with options to either amend their residency status or leave the country.

Dr. Al-Wasmi stated that the recent meeting signifies Kuwait’s unwavering efforts to combat human trafficking and migrant smuggling.

Reporting mechanisms and committee background

Dr. Al-Wasmi urged all representatives of affiliated entities to expedite the completion of the project that focuses on developing robust mechanisms for reporting human trafficking crimes.

The new reporting mechanisms aim to achieve several goals. They will ensure that the seriousness of these crimes is recognized by authorities.

Additionally, they will maintain the confidentiality of informants who bravely come forward with information. This focus on confidentiality is crucial to encourage people to report suspicious activity.

The development of these reporting mechanisms is being guided by international standards. These standards prioritize the protection and care of victims of human trafficking.

Furthermore, they ensure that law enforcement agencies have the tools and resources to handle these cases effectively.

The National Committee for Combating Human Trafficking is a crucial government body established in February 2018 by a Cabinet decision. The committee is headed by the Minister of Justice and Minister of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs.

The committee’s vision is clear: to create a Kuwait free from human trafficking and migrant smuggling. They also aim to raise public awareness of the dangers associated with these crimes.

While the new mechanisms are being developed, Kuwaiti citizens and residents are encouraged to continue reporting human trafficking crimes through existing channels. These channels include a dedicated hotline (25589696) and an email address (ATH@MOI.GOV.KW).

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