Iraq recovers two billion dinars from former officials

The Federal Integrity Commission in Iraq Sunday returned more than two billion dinars (about 1.5 million dollars) to the state treasury, in corruption cases involving former state officials.

The authority said that the recovered funds represent part of the value of the inflation in the funds of some of those accused in cases of corruption and inflation of funds, including the case of stolen tax deposits, reports Al-Rai daily.

The Authority’s Government Information and Communications Office explained that the money received were deposited in the two bank accounts that the Authority announced opening at Rafidain Bank, the Defense Branch, and reported that the Authority received 1.3 billion dinars representing part of the value of inflation and illicit gain in the technical advisor’s funds of the former Prime Minister’s office.

He added that the authority was also able to return 775 million dinars, “representing the value of the bribe received by the arrested accused, director of the Baghdad Governor’s Office, from a foreign company” in exchange for transferring project contracts to companies, in addition to a financial sum of approximately 25 million dinars from the rental proceeds of real estate belonging to the arrested accused, the wife of the former Director General of the General Authority for Taxes.

The Commission had previously announced the launch of a campaign for money inflation and illicit gain in various sectors of state institutions, starting with the tax sector, while opening two accounts in Rafidain Bank in Iraqi dinars and US dollars in order to deposit the recovered money — proceeds of corruption.

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