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Fifth Ring Road Development Project causes frustration among commuters

The completion of the Fifth Ring Expressway development project in Damascus, which was initially scheduled for mid-May, has been significantly delayed, resulting in daily traffic congestion and inconvenience for thousands of drivers. As the project progresses at a sluggish pace, road users are left wondering about the reasons behind the delays and anxiously anticipate its completion, reported Al-Rai Daily.

Informed sources revealed that the completion rate of the project, which includes the link between the ring road development and Damascus Street, stands at 67 percent according to the contract. Additionally, the supervisory work on the project is 69 percent complete. However, despite these figures, the slow implementation has left road users frustrated and perplexed.

The main reason for the sluggish progress appears to be the slow documentary cycle required for obtaining necessary approvals for project changes. According to sources, the frequent delays in issuing change orders have hindered the contractor’s ability to plan and implement various project activities. This setback has led to a disruption in the contractor’s work, causing a delay in the overall completion of the project.

The development of the Fifth Ring Road and its link with Damascus Street is of utmost importance for the smooth flow of heavy traffic in the area. The area encompasses Damascus Street, which leads to prominent locations such as Al-Yamamah Palace, the residence of His Highness the Crown Prince, as well as several embassies and government authorities. The delay in completing the project has adversely affected traffic movement in areas such as Al-Siddiq, Al-Salam, Hattin, Surra, and Cordoba.

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