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Interior Ministry designates 123 schools as polling stations

Director of Elections Affairs Department at the Ministry of Interior, Dr. Ahmad AlHajri, announced on Monday allocation of 123 schools for use as polling stations, including 118 schools for voting and five main ones for sorting the votes of the parliamentary polls due on April 4.

Dr. Al-Hajri declared preparation of 759 ballot boxes, corresponding to the number of committees, and the preparation of the vehicles for their transportation, totaling 168 “patrol cars.”

He also mentioned, in an interview with KUNA, coordination with the General Administration of Information Systems regarding the printing of ballot papers.

He revealed coordination with the Ministry of Education to prepare Khawla School for Girls (in the residential area of Al-Shuwaikh) in preparation for transporting the cars carrying the ballot boxes, in the morning of election day.

Dr. Al-Hajri said that the voting booths would be distributed in the polling stations (schools) at a rate of two booths per committee, with a total of approximately 1,518 booths.

He stated that IDs and forms for volunteers from civilian employees of the Ministry of Interior who wish to work in the electoral committees have been issued, as the total number of volunteers was 4,871, including 2,232 males and 2,639 females.

He also declared coordination with Kuwait Red Crescent Society to enlist a volunteer medical team at the polling centers during the electoral process.

He added that the administration contacted the Ministry of Justice to take the necessary steps towards addressing the Advisory Committee for the preparation and monitoring of the electoral process, in order to issue permits to public welfare associations to participate in the electoral process.

The ministerial decision regarding the determination and division of the electoral committees for the members of the National Assembly was published in the official newspaper (Kuwait Today), and the Ministry of Justice was provided with a copy of the decision so that the chairpersons of the electoral committees can be appointed from the judges.

Source: KUNA

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