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Kuwaiti doctors allowed private practice outside work hours

The Ministry of Health stated that doctors in leadership roles must not combine their government duties with outside work during non-official hours.

  • During Ramadan, blood samples can be taken for various tests, including those requiring fasting for 10 to 12 hours, beginning after the last pre-fast meal, to check blood fat and sugar levels, said Dr. Nouf Al-Kandari, a senior biochemistry and metabolic medicine specialist at Jaber Hospital

The Ministry of Health has authorized Kuwaiti specialist doctors and higher-ranking officials working in the government medical sector to practice in their private clinics or in private healthcare facilities during non-official working hours, subject to specific conditions and regulations.

The ministry confirmed that one of these controls and conditions is that doctors must not hold leadership, presidential, or supervisory positions that prohibit them from combining their government job with work outside official working hours.

The ministry indicated that these positions include: individuals with an excellent grade, the undersecretary of the ministry, assistant undersecretaries, and their equivalents, directors of departments and their equivalents, directors of health districts, hospitals, specialized medical centers, or their equivalents, heads of medical bodies or their equivalents, and department heads.

Additionally, it encompasses positions at their level, deans of medical colleges and their assistants, along with related jobs overseeing health services in the private medical sector.

On another note, Dr. Nouf Al-Kandari, a senior biochemistry and metabolic medicine specialist at Jaber Hospital, mentioned that blood samples can be drawn during Ramadan for various tests.

Al-Kandari explained that certain tests, such as checking blood fat levels and sugar levels, require fasting for 10 to 12 hours before collecting the sample, starting after the last meal before fasting. She emphasized the importance of notifying health staff if feeling unwell before or after drawing the sample and seeking immediate assistance if feeling dizzy or unwell after the procedure.

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