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Ministry tells employees to follow computer rules or face legal action

The Ministry of Education said, the staff must not modify systems, install unauthorized software, or use external storage without technical support

  • The Ministry of Education emphasized following national IT policies for optimal device, program usage, and network security.

  • Internet usage for non-work-related purposes is prohibited to safeguard network confidentiality and prevent virus exposure

The Ministry of Education has issued a warning to its employees regarding the proper use of ministry computers, emphasizing that anyone who disregards these guidelines will be held legally accountable. In a bulletin circulated among employees regarding computer usage protocols, the ministry stressed the importance of adhering to national information technology governance policies. These policies aim to ensure optimal device and program usage, as well as network and device security.

The ministry emphasized the need for specific education mechanisms to guide users on how to interact with devices, programs, and accounts, with the primary goal of preserving data security and confidentiality. Employees were reminded that devices such as computers, printers, and scanners are their responsibility and must be maintained accordingly. Only technical support specialists are authorized to handle device maintenance to avoid voiding warranties.

Additionally, employees are strictly prohibited from altering operating systems, installing unauthorized programs, or using external storage devices without consulting technical support. Internet usage for non-work-related purposes is also prohibited to safeguard network confidentiality and prevent virus exposure.

Violating these guidelines exposes users to legal liability, and the ministry will take necessary measures and hold individuals accountable for any resulting financial losses.

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