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Egypt, Kuwait to optimize educational cooperation through joint committee

The Egyptian Ambassador to Kuwait Osama Shaltout during discussions on educational collaboration with Kuwait, pointed to bilateral agreements fostering academic exchange between Egyptian and Kuwaiti institutions, particularly in medical fields.

Addressing Kuwait’s recent decision to temporarily halt medical scholarships for its students in Egypt, Shaltout underscored Egypt’s prestigious universities and their attractiveness to diverse international students. He stressed ongoing consultations between Egypt and Kuwait to optimize educational cooperation through a Joint Committee on Education, Higher Education, and Scientific Research, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Meanwhile, he commended Egypt’s gratitude for Kuwait’s diplomatic approach, characterized by composure and moderation, aimed at resolving conflicts through peaceful means and explicitly supporting Arab rights.

He lauded Kuwait’s pivotal role in championing humanitarian causes, notably its steadfast stance against Israeli aggression on Gaza, particularly within international platforms like the United Nations, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Emphasizing the unified Arab and Islamic support for safeguarding Palestinian rights, Shaltout highlighted South Africa’s case against Israel before the International Court of Justice for alleged genocide against Palestinians. He underscored Egypt and Kuwait’s commitment to backing Palestinian rights as a top priority.

Regarding aid to Gaza, Shaltout praised Kuwait’s contributions and Egypt’s leading role in providing support, reaffirming President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s commitment to the Palestinian cause. He highlighted coordination between Egypt, Kuwait, and other Gulf states in delivering aid through respective Red Crescent organizations.

Responding to Israeli allegations of aid obstruction, Shaltout cited the International Court of Justice’s ruling holding Israel accountable for impeding humanitarian assistance to Gaza, dismissing Israeli claims as unfounded.
Regarding aid logistics at the Rafah crossing, Shaltout clarified that Kuwaiti aid had successfully entered Gaza, with delays attributed to Israeli interference, expressing hope for future deliveries.

Commenting on recent developments in the Red Sea, Shaltout attributed disruptions to Israeli actions and warned against further escalation, advocating for prioritizing a Gaza ceasefire to avert broader conflict and restore maritime stability.

Highlighting Egypt’s efforts to ensure Red Sea security, Shaltout stressed collaboration with neighboring Red Sea states, notably Saudi Arabia.

Regarding investment cooperation, Shaltout disclosed that a significant portion of Kuwaiti investments in Egypt operate under the Investment Authority, illustrating bilateral economic ties.

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