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Kuwait braces for light to moderate rainfall

The Kuwait Meteorological Department predicts a gradual rise in precipitation chances by Sunday evening.

The Kuwait Meteorological Department forecasts the onset of light to moderate rainfall, with increasing instability by Sunday evening, as the likelihood of rain steadily rises.

Abdulaziz Al-Qarawi, Director of the department, told Kuwait News Agency that according to the latest forecasts derived from numerical models and weather maps, the country will soon experience the impact of a surface depression extension along with a concurrent cold and deepening depression in the upper atmosphere. This weather phenomenon is expected to commence the afternoon of the day after tomorrow, resulting in the proliferation of low and medium clouds, occasionally mixed with cumulus clouds, accompanied by light to moderate rainfall.

Thunderstorms, varying in intensity from medium to heavy, are expected, with chances of hail falling in some areas. These conditions will be accompanied by active southeasterly winds, exceeding 60 kilometers per hour, stirring up dust and reducing horizontal visibility. In some areas, sea waves are forecasted to rise to more than seven feet.

He pointed out that gradual improvement will commence at noon next Monday, as clouds decrease and the likelihood of rain diminishes due to the advance of a high-pressure system. There’s also a chance for fog to form at night, resulting in reduced horizontal visibility in some areas.

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