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Dr. Muhammad Sabah Al-Salem leads efforts to combat corruption

Prime Minister His Highness Sheikh Dr. Muhammad Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah has highlighted the government’s commitment to restoring confidence among citizens in state institutions and the rule of law. During his visit to Kuwait University in Sabah Al-Salem University City, he emphasized the importance of addressing concerns regarding corruption and restoring Kuwait’s standing in global corruption perception indexes.

Expressing concern over the prevalence of corruption-related issues, particularly forgery of certificates and official documents, His Highness underscored the government’s proactive measures to tackle corruption. Notably, he mentioned the submission of a comprehensive report on the Army Fund, addressing concerns about misappropriation of public funds, reports Al-Qabas daily.

His Highness emphasized the government’s determination to pursue justice and recover misused funds, highlighting the assignment of Kuwaiti youth to pursue legal action internationally for restitution. He reiterated the importance of not only punishing wrongdoers but also reclaiming unlawfully acquired assets.

Furthermore, His Highness emphasized the significance of upholding justice and fairness, essential values embedded in Kuwaiti society and enshrined in the country’s constitution. He cited improvements in Kuwait’s Corruption Perceptions Index ranking, indicating progress in combating corruption under the auspices of the Public Authority for Anti-Corruption (Nazaha).

Drawing lessons from the mismanagement of resources in other countries, His Highness stressed the importance of prudent governance and responsible resource utilization to avoid similar pitfalls.

In efforts to combat administrative corruption, His Highness announced measures to verify the authenticity of study certificates issued since 2000.

This initiative aims to ensure the integrity of documents submitted to official authorities, underscoring the government’s commitment to enforcing the law and preserving societal trust.

His Highness reiterated that combating corruption remains a top priority for the government, emphasizing the importance of instilling confidence in Kuwait’s governance institutions and adherence to legal principles.

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