Ukraine embassy celebrates Day of Unity

Ambassador of Ukraine H.E. Dr. Oleksandr Balanutsa held a gathering at the embassy premises to mark the Day of Unity of Ukraine. Friends of Ukraine as well as diplomats attended the event to show solidarity with Ukraine.

Speaking on the occasion Ambassador Balanutsa said today we honor one of the most significant dates in modern Ukrainian history, the Day of Unity. On 22 January 1919, the Ukrainian People’s Republic and the West Ukrainian People’s Republic united, laying the foundation for modern Ukrainian statehood.

He pointed out that this event symbolized their indomitable spirit, their desire to live in their own, independent, and united state. It reminds them of the importance of preserving our identity, culture, and traditions.

Russia’s actions demonstrate a lack of desire for peace, leaving Ukraine no option but to continue fighting for victory. This is why, now more than ever, we recognize the immense value of unity. A unity that goes beyond just territorial amalgamation, but also encompasses the spiritual unity of our people. This is key to our continued development and prosperity. I would say that unity is the goal of our victory.

For decades, Russian propaganda has been trying to disconnect Ukrainians from their culture, historical memory, and language. However, they have failed, as Ukrainians today stand united against any external threat.

He further pointed out at the words of one of the great Ukrainians, writer Ivan Franko, who said in 1905: “We must understand what it feels like to be Ukrainian, with no artificial borders between us”. Even then, more than a hundred years ago, Ukrainians clearly understood the strength and significance of unity.

Inspired by their words, we are committed to fighting for the restoration of peace and stability in Ukraine. There should be no illusion: if international law and Ukraine’s territorial integrity are not restored, any aggressor in different world regions could seize parts of any country and conduct sham elections under the threat of force.

On the contrary, Ukraine seeks peace that ensures its survival, integrity, sovereignty, and development opportunities, and prevents the recurrence of aggression. A mere ceasefire will not end Russian aggression in Ukraine but will only give the aggressor time to accumulate forces for new strikes.

In conclusion, he said that there was a growing number of countries, including those from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, joining the work on a common action plan based on the Ukrainian Peace Formula. The recent meetings on the level of national security advisors prove the steadiness of international solidarity with Ukraine.

Ambassador also praised the Kuwaiti support to the cause as well as the Ukrainian community, who remained steadfast in their support to Ukraine. He thanked the leadership and the people of Kuwait and the entire diplomatic community for their continuous support and feelings towards Ukraine.

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