Children at The Sunshine Kindergarten (TSK) in Salwa were delighted last week when they received a surprise visit on the day of their Gerge’an celebrations. All children and staff came to school dressed in their finest traditional clothing and were ready for a day of fun-filled, Gerge’an themed activities. Little did they know, a special treat awaited them. At nine o’clock, to their amazement, children began to hear the sound of traditional drumming and song.

With eager anticipation, teachers escorted their children out of their classrooms and through the school as they followed the sound of the music to find the group of Bu Tabailah drummers. Children’s faces lit up with excitement as the drummers called out their names and sang traditional Gerge’an songs. Even the very youngest children in crèche began to join in with the clapping and singing.

Full of curiosity, one KG student asked the drummer why he had the drums, to which the drummer explained that his old job, long ago, was to roam the neighbourhood to wake up the people who were sleeping. He explained that he needed the people to get up so they could have a late night meal before the start of the fast the following day. “Nowadays we like to visit children and sing Gerge’an songs!” the drummer added.

Director and Founder of the school, Madame Vera Al-Mutawa MBE,  came to join the celebrations and children were proud to show off their beautiful, handmade decorations that hung from the walls and ceilings, bringing a welcoming ambiance to mark the children’s achievements. There really were smiles all round at TSK.

Traditionally, children wait excitedly for the middle of Ramadan so that they can gather with their brothers, sisters and friends and visit the houses in the neighborhood singing Gerge’an songs and collecting sweets in little fabric bags that they hang around their necks. At TSK, children had an unforgettable experience that brought together tradition and education and there is no doubt that they will savor the delights of the day for many weeks to come.

By Hannah Farrell
Head Teacher
The Sunshine Kindergarten

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