The eighth iteration of the annual Dinkar Hindi Awards organized by Maurya Kala Parisar (MKP), which was held on 22 September at the Indian School of Excellence in Salmiya, witnessed over a hundred students from 15 Indian Schools, competing for the 12 prestigious prizes accorded during the event.

Managing Editor of The Times Kuwait, Reaven D’Souza, who was the chief guest on the occasion stated Hindi is a linguistic gem that reflects India’s diverse culture, rich history and vibrant identity. Guest of Honour Anoop Kumar Principal New Gulf Indian School praised the effort to honour Academic Achievers (Hindi) from each School.

Traditional top rivals in the competition over the years, ICSK Amman, FAIPS and ICSK Khaitan swept the prizes as usual, but Indian English Academy (Don Bosco), SIMS, New Gulf Indian School joined the top teams in sharing the prizes this year.

The winners this year were felicitated by MKP, an association of people from Indian States of Bihar and Jharkhand, which holds multiple events open to all Indian community members in Kuwait.

The winners in the various categories were:

Competition 1: Hindi Debate: 1st Prize: Jatan Shah (FAIPS) 2nd Prize: Nakul Agal (Indian English Academy Salmiya, 3rd Prize:  Safa Phyroso ICSK Khaitan

Competition 2: Original poetry in Hindi: 1st Prize Ishan (ICSK Khaitan) 2nd Prize: Rashi Pandya (ICSK Amman)  3rd Prize: Bhavya Patel ( FAIPS)

Competition 3: Recitation of Hindi Poets or Poems from 21st Century:

1st Prize: Zainah Khan (ICSK Amman) 2nd Prize: Atharva Chandrakar (FAIPS) 3rd Prize: Serish Khan (ICSK Amman)

Outstanding Recitation Performances from Class VI: Fadil Shaikh (ICSK Amman),   Ekam Chadda (SIMS), Lekshana Ravishankar ( New Gulf Indian School)

Hindi Achievers : Kamalani Ramesh ( FAIPS),   Alqama Sadar Aziz (Integrated Indian School), Anamika Karthik (ICSK Amman), Muneeba Abdul Rehman Chanekar (Kuwait Indian School), Nesrin Niyas (ICSK Senior), Anfal Bernadette (Indian Public School), Aaliya Rehan Mukadam (Indian Central School), Keerath Kaur Sethi ( Carmel), Muffaddal Emadduddin Bohara ( SIMS ), Silvan Miracle (Indian Learner’s Own Academy), Anam Anwar Kazi ( ICSK Khaitan), Mohammad Saad (Don Bosco)

In addition 30 teachers were appreciated for their effort in preparing the students for the competition.

The poetry competitions were judged by prominent poets from Writers Forum in Kuwait and Debate was judged by Management Experts and Journalists. Judges were: Ramesh Kumar, Arun Shukla, Navniit Gandhi, Nazneen Ali, Radhika Guleri, Anupama Chaturvedi, Aamir Diwan, Sujata Kashyap

Ekta and Princy hosted the event. While Abhay Kashyap welcomed the guests and Nitin Prabhakar gave the vote of thanks. Bushra Ansari, Vivek Kumar, Mohd Mahtabuzzaman, Syed Shabih, Mithilesh Pandey, Anamika Pandey, Supriya Singh, Sanat Ramesh supported the event.

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