To inspire Kuwaiti community with a noble idea of ​​donating blood to save lives, and considering current pandemic situation, and an increased need of life saving blood in hospitals, ALSAYER Holding conducted a blood donation campaign in association with TrashHero Kuwait a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) and Kuwait Central Blood Bank for five consecutive days.

More than 30 volunteers contributed 5 hours a day to support 60+ donors visited to donate blood to take part in the role of preserving people’s lives. Kuwait NPO’s including Green Hands, Tarahom, Kuwait Response & Rescue Squad and Spread The Passion immensely supported the program. All participants underwent a medical assessment before donation to ensure they are sufficiently fit and healthy to give blood.

Nehad Al-Hajj Ali – GM of Corporate Excellence at ALSAYER Group expressed his high gratitude for the volunteers who joined. Such gathering shows great solidarity from us to others, who we never met or know. Blood donation is an excellent service to humanity, and we look forward to partner in such voluntary services to service our community.

Such activity aligns with United Nations Sustainability Development Goals – 3 Good Health and Well-Being and 17 Partnerships for The Goals” to make positive change in the people and to join hands with active organizations that aim to create a more prosperous society.

From ALSAYER Holding we are grateful to the management and staff at Blood Bank Jabriya unit for an effective support on these critical days.
As part of ALSAYER Corporate Social Responsibility we are always keen to raise awareness among our employees, customers, and society to elevate the spirit of giving and coming together for the prosperity of Kuwait community.

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