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New work programme to redraw govt’s role in economic activity

Government presents its work program to Parliament

His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Sabah formally presented his government’s work plan to the National Assembly on Tuesday, 6 February, for the consideration of deputies, as mandated by the Constitution.

In his address to lawmakers on tabling the government’s work plan, His Highness the Prime Minister said: “We are entering a new era overflowing with determination, optimism and national responsibility; we will work hard as a council and government to enhance constructive cooperation and redouble efforts in the service of the country to embody the hopes and aspirations of citizens.”

Stressing on the need for reforms, the action plan notes that the cost of financial and economic reform will worsen the longer it is delayed, and may even become very difficult to address in future, which could have severe and painful consequences. In his speech, the premier emphasized that,”the central goal of economic reform in Kuwait is to achieve a balance in the structure of the national economy, by redrawing the role of the government in economic activity, in a way that restores the private sector to its leading role in this activity, enhances the diversity of its sectors, ensures the creation of productive job opportunities for graduates, and supports the sustainability of economic and social well-being in the long term”.

The program of action aims to optimize the management of economic resources, and meet the expectations of the relevant parties in order to achieve sustainable well-being of citizens.

The government indicated in its program that the first step begins with activating Article 20 of the Constitution by expanding the offer of investment opportunities to enable the private sector to create national job opportunities in various economic sectors, which is the main objective of the government’s work program.

The government’s program identified a series of targets to be achieved within the first 100 days, most notably:

  •  Launching measures to curb price hikes
  • Launch of the Digital Platform for Companies and Trade Licenses
  •  Starting a financial, economic and technical feasibility study for the railway link between Kuwait and Saudi Arabia
  • Maternity Hospital Delivery
  •  Launch of Kuwait Compulsory Insurance Pool
  • Launching research centers for cybersecurity and artificial intelligence
  • Implementation of the amendment of Law 71 of 2023 regarding the addition of housewives to ensure wellness
  •  Expansion of specialized clinics in primary health care
  • Receiving and operating hospitals and health centers
  • Launching the Ministry of Health application with a new vision and new services
  • Launch of the Medical Human Capital Development Program
  • Receiving Jaber Al Mubarak Stadium at Sulaibikhat Sports Club
  • Receiving Al-Khatib Hall in Al-Arabi Club
  • Presentation of the draft law regulating the media
  • Submission of a draft law on the amendment of the Tender Law
  • Re-pricing government services that are not law-bound and have a limited impact on citizens
  • Repricing of Land Rents Belonging to the State Property Department
  • Preparation of the draft corporate profits tax law
  • Study of the categories eligible for subsidies
  • Activating the next wave of savings in government contracts

The Government’s Action Program also specified the legislative requirements for the 22 draft legislative sessions of the seventeenth legislative term:

  • Northern Economic Zone
  • Development Plan Law
  • Amendment of the Law on Public-Private Partnership
  • Draft law on the import and export law
  • Draft Electronic Commerce Law
  • Amendment of the Industry Law
  • Public Sector Wages (Strategic Alternative)
  • Amendment of the Public Tenders Law
  • Establishing an independent body for standards and metrology
  • Draft Law on Amending the Right of Access Law
  • Draft Law on Amending the Electronic Notarization Law
  • Business Profit Tax Law
  • Repricing of State-Owned Land Leases
  • Excise Tax
  • Liquidity Instruments Law
  • Law on the Residence of Foreigners
  • Civil Aviation Law
  • Electricity and Water Corporation Law
  • Law on the Strategic Transformation of Electric Power and Water
  • Law on the Regulation of Media
  • Reform of the insurance system of the General Organization for Social Insurance
  • Draft Law on Judicial Arbitration

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