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National Assembly holds ordinary sessions Tues, Wed examining tabled items

The National Assembly is set to hold ordinary sessions Tuesday and Wednesday to examine tabled items, including resignation of State Audit Bureau deputy chief, amending penal court laws as well as laws regulating local franchisees.

The session commences with ratifying session minutes, examining incoming letters, queries and referrals, and moves on to look into inaugural Amiri speech. The National Assembly will then be delving into some 26 parliamentary committees’ reports as per the legislative roadmap including amending penal court laws, as well as report on establishing Kuwaiti company for developed industries.

The “strategic alternative” plan, which sets out to mend pay gaps, is also slated to be discussed to clarify government policy on the matter, alongside commodity price management, leadership positions, and grounds of appointment.

Moreover, government documents on financial status of the Public Authority for Housing Welfare and report submitted by the Anti-corruption authority.

Source: KUNA

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