Mo:Mo, Nepal’s most popular delicacy

By Suresh Lama Thing
Special to The Times

Have you ever heard about Mo:Mo? A dish  famous  among the Nepali community  in Kuwait brought along with them since the time Nepali were first employed in the country. Its popularity has gained attention to several nationals that its availability is in almost all restaurants.

Mo:Mo is a bite-size dumpling made with a spoonful of stuffing wrapped in dough. Mo:Mo are usually steamed, though are sometimes fried or steam-fried. Meat or vegetables fillings becomes succulent as it produces an intensively flavored broth sealed inside the wrappers. Mo:Mo  is the most famous dish  in Nepal. Each eateryand in every corner,  market and street in Nepal sell the delicacy. As the saying in Nepal goes “ If anyone says , he does not like Mo:mo then definitely he is not a Nepali”. No one really knows the history behind Mo:Mo or if the word is grammatically correct or wrong but let us provide you bit of background of the popular delicacy. 

History states that   the Newar community from Nepal brought this delicacy in Nepal around 15th century. Mo:Mo is believed to have originated from Tibet China and then spread to other including countries such as Nepal, India and Bhutan. Newari merchants had access to do business in Tibet  for trading purpose but when they returned back they brought Mo:Mo recipes as well. From that time it was modified as Newari way and it is hugely famous among Newari community and later all around Nepal. It is also known as dumplings all around the world.

It is  cooked (steamed) in a pot called mucktoo  (Mo:Mo pakaune bhada)  and served with sauce also called achar made with the mixer of tomatoes, garlic, green coriander leaves,  green chili pepper, peanuts, soyabean seed and various spices and with special tomato soup ( Jhol).

In Nepal within families Mo:Mo making is an enjoyable affair. It needs handful of people during the  process, it’s time consuming thus every member of the familycontribute efforts such are rolling dough  in round shape,filling stuff and most interesting part a family competition as to who can make perfect shape and wrapping or designing of Mo:Mo.

The journey of Mo:Mo has started on the 15th century to Nepal and later  globally. Where ever it reaches, it is able to be blended on their ways and recipes surely after reading this article you too will be also curious to try your hands on the dish. Why not and be a witness to the long journey of Mo:Mo.

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