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MEW forms committee to address future summer consumption peaks

The Ministry of Electricity and Water is expected to face a significant crisis over the next three years concerning the provision of sufficient energy during peak consumption periods in the summer seasons. In response to this impending challenge, Dr. Jassim Al-Astad, the Minister of Electricity and Water, along with the Minister of Renewable Energy, has issued a decision to establish a committee responsible for developing essential strategies to secure the state’s energy needs for the summers from 2024 to 2026.

The committee, formed under the directives of the two ministers, will focus on exploring technical initiatives to mitigate the energy crisis. One of the options being considered is the utilization of mobile electric power generation stations and supply systems.

This solution is deemed the most efficient in terms of implementation as it does not necessitate the lengthy process of constructing facilities and connection lines. The committee will evaluate the feasibility of this approach, along with other potential solutions.

Furthermore, the committee will evaluate the Gulf Interconnection Project, examining various technologies and initiatives to find optimal solutions for enhancing production capacity. It will also propose timetables for integrating these solutions into the existing electrical network. The sources emphasized that the obstruction of major production station projects, combined with rapid urban growth, has contributed to the expected shortfall in electricity supplies.

Currently, the ministry’s power stations have a combined production capacity of 18,727 megawatts. However, with an anticipated annual demand increase of 4.6 percent over the next three years, coupled with ongoing urban expansions, the ministry finds itself in a challenging position.

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