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Masked man attempts to rob people

A person concealed behind a mask and dressed in a police uniform engaged in illicit activities yesterday by initiating video calls with various citizens and residents.

During these calls, the masked individual urged unsuspecting individuals to provide updates to their banking information and instructed them to take out their bank cards for visual inspection.

Subsequently, the perpetrator covertly extracted sensitive card details, laying the groundwork for an impending criminal scheme aimed at pilfering bank balances.

In response to the masked man’s solicitation, several citizens and residents reacted with disdain, hurling insults at him.

The public’s astute handling of such criminal encounters reflects the efficacy of awareness campaigns conducted by the Ministry of Interior, particularly through its security media, spearheaded by Major General Tawhid Al-Kandari.

Emphasizing the importance of non-compliance with such illicit requests, a security source underscored that legitimate banks and authorized security personnel never solicit banking information or passwords over the phone. Instead, if a bank requires updated information, they send official messages prompting individuals to visit the bank in person rather than updating details remotely.

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