Kuwait reduces subsidized and discounted food items, providing 103 commodities to beneficiaries

Kuwait has reduced the number of subsidized and discounted food items provided to beneficiaries of the food supplies system, according to the latest data released by the Ministry of Trade and Industry. In 2024, the country is offering around 103 subsidized and reduced-priced food commodities, down from a list of 154 goods in November, reported Al-Anba Daily.

The data reveals that milk and baby food make up 47% of the food supplies, with 48 items, while chicken accounts for 30% with 31 items. Fish, including shrimp, grouper, salmon, and Zubaidi, make up eight items. The former Minister of Commerce and Industry, Mohammed Al-Aiban, recently decided to remove 42 discounted goods from the supply chain.

Currently, 85% of the available food supplies are subsidized with 86 items, while discounted items make up 15% with 17 items. Prices for the available food items range from 90 fils to 5.25 dinars. The supported items include rice at 120 fils per kilo, sugar at 90 fils, vegetable oil at 1.05 dinars per package, lentils at 270 fils per kilo, and milk powder at 1.05 dinars per kilo. There are also two types of tomato paste at 270 fils per package, 48 types of milk and baby food priced from 305 fils to 2.81 dinars, and 31 types of chicken priced from 505 fils to 630 fils per kilo.

In November, the list of subsidized and discounted food supplies increased to 154 commodities, up from 137 commodities in July. The number of subsidized food items also rose to approximately 94 commodities, an increase of 25% compared to last year. Subsidized commodities now account for 61% of the food commodities, with the number of food items at reduced prices reaching about 60.

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