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Residency violators granted three-month amnesty

In yet another opportunity granted to residency violators, the Ministry of Interior has granted a three-month grace period for violators to rectify their illegal status.

An official announcement from the ministry on 14 March stated that people living in the country in violation of residency laws will be permitted to adjust their status by paying the requisite fines and in line with established processes and procedures, during a three month period from 17 March to 17 June.

The statement noted: “In observance of the blessed month of Ramadan and coinciding with His Highness the Amir Sheikh Mishal Al-Ahmad assuming leadership, and in line with Kuwait’s renowned humanitarian efforts on all fronts, and in response to its noble mission as a hub for humanitarian endeavors, it has been decided to grant a grace period to individuals violating residency laws and its executive regulations, from 17 March to 17 June”, as follows:

  • Individuals who are unable to pay the fine or adjust their status may depart from any of the country’s designated ports without incurring fines. They will be permitted to return with new procedures in place.
  • Violators are permitted to rectify their status after paying the fine, following the regulations and procedures governing this process.
  • Individuals who violate residency laws and fail to rectify their status or depart the country within the specified period will face the legally prescribed penalties. They will not be permitted to reside in the country, and deportation will be enforced, barring their reentry.
  • Violators of residency laws facing administrative or judicial obstacles must apply to the General Administration of Residence Affairs to assess the availability of requirements for obtaining residency. This assessment will be conducted in accordance with the legal provisions and rules established during the specified period.

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