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Prosecution issues statistics on suicides, attempted suicides

The prosecution revealed that 136 cases of suicide and attempted suicide were registered during 2022, 61.7% for males and 38.3% for females. It showed that 50.6% of these people are married, 39.9% are single, 8.2% are divorced, and 1.3% are widows.

It reported that 40.5% of them are in the age group between 26 and 35 years, 22.8% of them are in the age group of 36 to 45 years, and 2.2% of them are 60 years or older.

The prosecution stated that 33.9% of them were of Indian nationality, 20% were Kuwaitis, 8.8% were Filipinos, 8% were Nepalese, 5.9% were Bangladeshis, 4.4% were Sri Lankans, 4.4% were Egyptians, and 2.9% were residents. Illegally, while Syrians were the least suicidal at 2.2%.

The prosecution reported that 36.1% of those who committed suicide died by hanging, 20.6% by using sharp objects, and 18.4% by falling from a height. She pointed out that 25% committed suicide for family reasons, 22% for psychological reasons, 13.4% for financial reasons, and 1.4% for emotional reasons.

She explained that 32.1% of those who committed suicide were domestic workers, 13.3% were unemployed, 3.8% were drug addicts, and 8.8% were drunk.

The prosecution indicated that 7.3% had a criminal record, 3.6% had a drug history, and 89.1% had no history.

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