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Challenges of Preserving Kuwaiti Identity in the Era of Globalization

By Sheikha Suhaila Fahd Al Sabah
Managing Editor

In the midst of the economic and cultural transformations witnessed globally today, national identities face significant challenges in keeping pace with the era of globalization, and the Kuwaiti identity is no exception. These challenges are part of a massive process of changes affecting the concept of identity and the ways to preserve it. In the context of globalization, Kuwait must modernize and adapt to economic and technological developments without losing its cultural and historical essence. Preserving Kuwaiti identity requires enhancing awareness of the cultural and historical heritage of the state, and promoting the Arabic language as a vital element of identity.

Among the prominent challenges facing Kuwaiti identity in the era of globalization is the impact of social media and global popular culture. Kuwait needs to strive to maintain a balance between interacting with the external world and preserving unique aspects of its identity. Education plays a crucial role in enhancing national identity, including incorporating the history and values of Kuwait in the curriculum, and encouraging cultural and sports activities that foster national belonging. Building comprehensive strategies to protect and enhance Kuwaiti identity in the era of globalization, including promoting cultural and heritage awareness and enhancing education reflecting Kuwaiti values, is essential.

Kuwait aims to enhance constructive cultural interaction with global communities through cultural diplomacy and media to highlight cultural diversity and Kuwait’s achievements. Kuwait encourages youth initiatives and creative arts that reflect the vision of the youth and promote modern Kuwaiti identity. The youth can play a vital role in updating and renewing cultural identity, adding a touch of modernity to traditional identity. Kuwait efficiently faces the challenges of globalization, preserving its core identity while achieving positive integration with the external world.

The importance of supporting innovation and technology in enhancing Kuwaiti identity cannot be ignored. Kuwait invests in the technology sector to promote innovation and develop local technological projects, contributing to a balance between heritage preservation and modern technological progress.

This enhances Kuwait’s image as an advanced and pioneering country in various fields. Internationally, Kuwait seeks to promote cultural and economic cooperation, strengthen ties with international institutions, and participate in global events, positively influencing the perception of Kuwait and its culture. Kuwait strives to achieve the balance that ensures the continuity of its unique identity in a rapidly changing world by adopting sustainable strategies that integrate heritage preservation with global integration.

In the context of ongoing economic and social transformations, fostering communication among Kuwaiti society members and encouraging sustainable dialogue about national identity is particularly important. Promoting public discourse on the concept of identity, with citizens and civil society participating in shaping a shared vision reflecting Kuwaiti values and aspirations, contributes to enhancing national unity and strengthening social bonds.

This continuous dialogue can address cultural challenges and promote mutual understanding among society members, reinforcing a sense of belonging and Kuwaiti identity. Through adopting this integrated approach, Kuwait can stand firm against the challenges of globalization, building a future that combines heritage preservation with the values and uniqueness of Kuwaiti identity.

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