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A fingerprint every 6 hours for “shift” employees at “Customs”

The Minister of Trade and Industry, Abdullah Al-Joaan, directed the Director of the General Administration of Customs to change the system for applying the departure fingerprint for shift work to a new one that requires the fingerprint to be applied every 6 hours, with 3 fingerprints for the 12-hour work system.

In this regard, sources indicated to Al-Rai that the Director of Customs circulated the new fingerprint system to the administration’s employees, with the decision to be implemented as of May 1, 2024. Informed sources told Al-Rai that the decision, which will be implemented on the first of May, regulates working hours more accurately and effectively and ensures the commitment of all employees to be present at the workplace throughout the shift, as the attendance and departure fingerprint will be applied in addition to a fingerprint in the middle of the shift.

The decision indicated that the current excuses for not adhering to shift schedules are the lack of accommodation for employees so that they can apply the system of 48 hours of work versus 96 hours of rest in the remote customs ports (Salmi, Abdali, Nuwaiseeb, and Khubari Al-Awazem) and the system of 24 hours of work versus 48 hours of rest for the customs areas nearby (air freight, Sulaibiya, vegetable stock, customs warehouses, and sea ports).

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