Gujiya is a very common Indian sweet delicacy prepared mainly during large Hindu festivals such as Diwali, Holi and Ganesh Chaturthi. It requires a lot of time and patience to make.

Sooji (Semolina) Gujiya, also known as Rava Na Ghughra in Gujarati, is a scrumptious and crispy yet flaky deep-fried pastry stuffed with sweetened sooji. 

Traditionally, gujiyas are served as a snack with other snacks and beverages such as tea and coffee in Gujarat, they are often served in a Gujarati thali as well.  

Sooji Gujiya

(12 to 15 Pieces)


*For Dough (outer layer)

1 cup plain flour 

2 tbsp. melted ghee

4 tbsp. chilled milk or water

Pinch salt – optional

*For Stuffing 

1/2 cup semolina 

1 tsp. ghee

4 tbsp. coconut powder 

6 tbsp. sugar powder 

4 tbsp. finely chopped nuts

1 tsp. cardamom and nutmeg powder


  • Combine flour, ghee and salt in a bowl. 
  • Knead the soft dough, using milk or water, or a mix of both.
  • Cover and set aside for 10-15 minutes.
  • In a pan heat ghee and add semolina.
  • Roast it on low heat while constantly stirring.
  • Once light brown, add coconut and roast a couple of minutes more. 
  • Turn off the heat, add nuts and cardamom and nutmeg powder.
  • Once the semolina cools down, add sugar and mix well.
  • Set aside for later use. 

*Shape and seal Gujiya:

  • To make gujiya, divide dough into equal portions and keep covered with the damp cloth.
  • Roll each portion into a circular shape.
  • Place about 2 tbsp filling on the rolled circle and fold over the other half to make a crescent shape.
  • Crimp the edges, twisting them slightly as you go. 
  • Make sure Ghughra are sealed properly and completely so that no filling oozes out while frying. 
  • Cover the prepared Ghughra with a damp cloth and repeat with the remaining dough and filling.

Deep fry Gujiya

  • Heat oil in a kadai until below smoking point, on low heat.
  • Fry the gujiya for 6-7 minutes on low to medium heat until they turn lightly pink and crispy.
  • Remove and let it cool before serving.




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