Breakfast is important to keep you full and fueled in the morning — and often, that means reaching for options with plenty of protein. Eggs are the obvious choice when it comes to high-protein staples, but if you are looking to switch up your morning food routine, here are a few of the best protein-rich ways to boost your breakfasts — no eggs required.


Whip cottage cheese — then use it to top toast.

A half cup of cottage cheese packs more than 10 grams of protein, and it is a great, often-overlooked toast topper. Cottage cheese is also even better when it is whipped — or quickly blitzed in a food processor — because the texture transforms from lumpy to luxuriously airy. Top it off with a drizzle of smashed berries or jam.


Add chia seeds to granola, smoothies, and jams.

Just one tablespoon of the tiny-but-mighty seeds contains four grams of protein and ten grams of fiber. They are perfect for sprinkling into breakfast staples — like smoothies, baked granola, overnight oats, and homemade jam. Keep a bag stocked.

Scramble chickpeas for an all-purpose filling.

Instead of eggs, opt for scrambled chickpeas. This versatile make-ahead mixture is packed with the high-protein beans — half of which are quickly smashed to mimic the texture of scrambled eggs — plus plenty of vegetables. Pile the scramble into pitas or on top of toast, or enjoy on its own with a side of bacon.


Boost pancake batter with oats.

If you are looking to pack more protein and fiber into your flapjacks without any of the powder stuff, just add one simple ingredient: oats! (Bonus tip: Give the oats a quick soak in water first. It will ensure your batter stays nice and light.)

Swirl milk and nut butter into oatmeal.

When making oatmeal, ditch the just-add-water preparation and reach for milk instead. One cup of whole milk has eight grams of protein — and if you are reaching for an alternative milk, soy milk has roughly that same amount. You can also boost your breakfast further by spooning in your favorite nut butter.



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