David Harnois from France is a renowned chef heading the kitchen at Radisson Blu Hotel, which is known for having some of the finest fine dining restaurants in the country.

Chef Harnois is charismatic and passionate about food, he speaks to The Times Kuwait about French Gourmet food and its popularity.

He began by explaining the unique features of French Gourmet food: “In France, food isn’t just for flavor and function; it’s fun, a tradition, part of a greater mentality.

And whilst French cooking techniques, such as sautéing and poaching, and dishes, à la cassoulet and bouillabaisse, are undoubtedly inimitable, it’s the French food culture and traditions surrounding these that truly make this cuisine one of a kind.

“It’s taking your time to sit down and really enjoy the food. Lunch is the main meal of the day for the French and the tradition is that lunch takes at least two hours. It’s time to connect with your family and loved ones.

Commenting on popular food and eating trends in Kuwait, Chef Harnois noted, “The trends in Kuwait change fast. I see now that more and more people are interested in eating simple, wholesome, good quality food made from local and fresh ingredients. Healthy, vegetarian and vegan food is also on the rise.”

Revealing the variety of food he planned to introduce this year based on local trends, he said, “Fresh local produce! A lot of people in Kuwait are not aware what amazing stuff is being produced here in Kuwait. I am working with a friend whose name is Salman.

He has a farm here in Kuwait and is very keen on experimenting. So the plan is to introduce more local produce. And we’ll develop from there.

– The Times Kuwait Report


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