Good France/Gout de France, the eagerly awaited event in the French Gastronomy calendar is back with its 6th edition after the unforeseen health crises of 2020 forced the event to be cancelled last year.

In the 6th edition of Gout de France/Good France, the international initiative, is back with the aim of helping the profession in its sustainable transition and supporting chefs in their new role as ambassadors for more eco-friendly gastronomy, both from a human standpoint, as well as regarding health, the environment and taste education.

This year, more than ever, over the next few months the event will aim to highlight the expertise and convictions of these women and men, who are passing on their tastes and values, and who each day are shaping gastronomy of the future. It is a sensitive, environmentally-aware and powerful gastronomy, with a universal message for future generations to preserve the earth and its wealth of resources

The Embassy of France in Kuwait held a series of initiatives that will involve well known French Gourmet chefs in the country to showcase, promote and perform their culinary skills that will celebrate French gastronomy.

In an exclusive chat with Fanny Fonquerone, the deputy head of mission at the French embassy, The Times Kuwait had the opportunity to understand the concept and the activities of the Good France event.

The deputy head of mission began by explaining the significance of the event.

“Gout de France/Good France is an international event that was launched by the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs and chef Alain Ducasse in 2015, it celebrates the  ’Gastronomic meal of the French’ in 156 countries across five continents by organizing in a single evening thousands of dinners in restaurants around the world and in French embassies abroad. In five editions, Goût de/Good France has become one of the world’s foremost gastronomic events, and its success is growing each year.

This year, in its 6th edition, Goût de/Good France 2021 is taking place from 14 to 22 October, the campaign aims to support chefs in their new role of ambassador of a more responsible gastronomy, both on a human level as well as on that of health, the environment or education in taste. This event intends to shine in the know-how and convictions of chefs around the world who write the gastronomy of tomorrow every day, carrying a universal message to future generations, that of safeguarding the earth and its riches.

Elaborating on how the event reflects various culture heritages, she added, “This year the Gout de France campaign will particularly celebrate the Centre-Loire Valley Region, its local products and its traditional know-how. The event intends to promote the heritage of the region to the international scale, both in its uniqueness and its diversity. The Center-Val de Loire Region is considered the ‘Garden of France’, and well known for its fertile soils, its forests, its rivers and its vast landscapes, but also for its gastronomy, which dates back to the time of the ancient kings of the Renaissance. This region has for centuries shaped an exceptional art of living, which is still the pride and joy of its tourist industry today.”

She then went on to introduce the four French gastronomy ambassadors here in Kuwait, respectively as, Chef David HARNOIS, Marie Claude LEBEBVRE (Culinary advisor), Daniel HALABI, Executive Chef Thierry Papillier and Ahmed ZAMEL

Explaining why the event was called Good France and why France was endorsing this international event, the deputy head of mission said: “This international event, the first of which took place in 2015, began shortly after the addition of the ‘Gastronomic meal of the French” to the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its objective is to promote French gastronomy internationally, to promote the tourist attractiveness of territories and cities through events linked to gastronomy. And also promote the culinary traditions, the terroirs and the know-how of all chefs, men and women who are passionate about their profession.

Highlighting the initiatives by the French Embassy as part of Good France, she narrated several, including Recipe shooting: Of French chef at the Radisson, Chef David HARNOIS, who will be honored during a video shot by KTV2 teams (tarte tatin, crème brûlée, etc.) that will be broadcast on national TV, during the broadcast ‘Sunshine program’ due on 20 October. The press (The Times Kuwait) will also be invited and will conduct an interview with the person concerned.

Kuwaiti video influencer, Ahmed Zamel, a young Kuwaiti who is passionate about food and cooking, at his home. He will be producing a ‘ratatouille’ recipe video that he will subsequently broadcast on his networks of 4.5 million followers, to present the Goût de France initiative and by mentioning his partnership with the Embassy. He will also conduct an interview with KTV Chef Daniel Halabi, of Lebanese origin, will make a ‘Paris Brest’ in his kitchens. KTV2 will send a crew to record the footage and the Embassy communications team will also provide media coverage of the event.

Cooking workshop ‘gourmet coffee’ on 20 October from 4:30pm to 8:30pm when Marie Claude Lefebvre (culinary advisor) will organize a cooking workshop on the occasion of Operation Goût de France. She will also be interviewed by TV and media coverage will be provided by IFK.

Kuwaiti video influencer Abdelkarim Abdelmomen will do a presentation video on Operation Goût de France.

Executive Chef Thierry Papillier of Four Seasons Hotel will be broadcast on national TV.

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