Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer

Indonesian cuisines impressed participants with flavorful and delightful traditional dishes during Saturday’s Cook Fest 2021 held at the International Culinary Arts and organized by CEE Network Kuwait. A full house attendance and invited guests were treated to a sumptuous lunch and were served with authentic Indonesian dishes.

Spouse of Charges D’ Affaires of Indonesia in Kuwait Yoke Malinda Adi delivered a welcome remarks to open the event. Chef Hamzah F Rasyadi gave a quick background of the dishes and the ingredients. Asri Sulastri, Chef and runs a catering service managed and supervised the whole process from preparation of ingredients, cooking and presentations of the dishes. A remarkable display of ingredients and finished products were laid out on the table for the participants to better understand the process.

“The event was very impressive and very informative aside from the dishes were tasteful and appetizing as we prepare them. I hope they extend one more day for us to learn more the cuisines from Indonesia and I won’t miss it for anything” said Jack Angelo Ricafort, service staff. “I have been to so many food and cooking exhibition as a chef but how the Embassy of Indonesia did it was just astonishing.

The ingredients were neatly laid out and distributed and the assistants who tirelessly went around to help made the preparation easier and capture the authentic tastes of the dishes. Should there be another class from Indonesia I definitely will attend” commented Chef Mariefe Torio, popular Filipino Pastry chef. Sandrine Meulien, French national and student chef added that the chicken soup made was very delightful and the aroma was just appetizing. “I can’t wait for my family to taste these dishes” added Meulien. Vlogger Gracia Amor added that after trying out the dishes, she definitely will visit Indonesia to discover more of their culture, tradition and food.

Each table of the participant were decorated well and the food were plated nicely. Indonesian nationals also came to visit the event and were also served with the dishes. “I thank the Embassy of Indonesia for their hospitality. I was passing by the event and wanted to know more of the classes and I was invited to taste the food.

It was my first time to try their dishes and I am impressed” stated Joanna, a Barista. A set of chef uniform was presented by ICA Owner Olivia Ferrer to Chef Hamza. Participants were grateful for the tireless effort of the Embassy of Indonesia and those who shared their time to come up with such a successful event.

Photos were taken after the class. Madame Adi thanked CEE Network for organizing the event and Dhadabai Travel and Al Muzaini for sponsoring the event. “We are glad to be one of the sponsors to be able to help promote the ASEAN community in Kuwait and we look forward to more collaboration in the future” stated Paulita Lundang, Manager of Dadabhai Travel in Salmiyah.

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