Scrambled eggs are equal parts simple and comforting, which is why they are a staple just about any time of day. While enjoying them plain and simple is sometimes all you need, other times it is fun to try something new. Here are some fun things to add to your scrambled eggs.

Add a splash of soy sauce: You usually season you scrambled eggs with salt, right? Next time, try soy sauce instead. It provides the seasoning your eggs need and boosts their savory flavor. Add a splash as you are whisking the eggs — and skip the salt altogether.

Reach for something creamy: Ricotta, sour cream, crème fraîche, and even yogurt work wonders in scrambled eggs by adding richness and tang. While you can whisk a spoonful into the eggs before scrambling them, another way is to fold in a big dollop right after you take the scrambled eggs off the stove. While most of it will melt right in, you will be left with a few creamy streaks that make each bite a little different.

Stir in corn: It may seem like an odd combination, but corn lends a pop of sweetness and texture to each bite of scrambled eggs. Frozen corn can be added directly into the skillet of eggs and will defrost quickly from the heat of the pan. Fresh kernels benefit from a quick sauté first, and then you can add the eggs to the same pan.

Fold in pesto: Introduce in a spoonful right when you take the eggs off the stove and it will lend some herby, cheesy flavor that will set your breakfast apart.

Add a pinch of cornstarch:  For every egg you whisk, add about 1/2 teaspoon cornstarch to the bowl. The thickening agent makes your scrambled eggs extra creamy. As a bonus, the addition of cornstarch means you do not need to be so careful with the eggs. They will be custardy even if you cook them a tad too long over high heat.

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