Crispy Puri is an all-time favorite especially during festivals. This layered crispy puri is just like simple farsi (crispy) puri with a colorful and beautiful design. It is really tasty, crispy and very easy to make. You can make these puris ahead of time and serve with Masala Tea or coffee, to guests when they visit.


  • Maida  2 cup
  • Ghee  4 tbsp
  • Salt  as per taste
  • Carom seeds  1 tsp
  • Water as required to make dough 
  • Oil for frying
  • Ghee for greasing
  • Dry flour

You will need to make four different color dough 

  • Red food colour 
  • Green food colour
  • Turmeric powder 
  • Ordinary dough


  • Divide the dough into four portions of ½ cup each
  • In a mixing bowl add salt, ¼ carom seeds and a color to each portion 
  • Mix each portion well between palms with a little ghee.
  • Add enough ghee so the dough holds shape when pressed between palms.
  • Gradually add water and make a stiff dough.
  • The dough should not be too soft, or it will not get the desired flaky texture.
  • Knead the dough at least for 5 to 7 minutes.
  • Cover and keep it aside at least for 30 minutes.
  • Take one small portion from each color dough and make a firm ball, flatten it.
  • On a rolling board, roll each color dough into a big thin roti 
  • Now take the green color roti.
  • Apply ghee on the upper side. Sprinkle dry flour to coat well.
  • Place the plain colored roti on it.
  • Apply ghee on the upper side. Sprinkle dry flour to coat well
  • Place red colour roti on it. Apply ghee and sprinkle flour as above 
  • Finally, place the turmeric color roti.Apply little ghee and sprinkle flour. 
  • Make a tight roll. Discard edges and cut it into 10 equal parts.
  • Take one part with spirals facing upward.
  • Press it and roll a nice thick oval shape puri out of it.
  • Roll the remaining nine puris similarly.
  • Heat oil in a Kadai.
  • When the oil is medium hot, deep fry all puris on a medium low flame.
  • Flip them a couple of times in between.
  • Fry them until they appear pinkish and have crunchy texture.
  • Take them out using a slotted spoon and place them in a kitchen towel.
  • Once they are cool, store them in an airtight container.



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