In a first of its kind presentation, Kuwait’s most popular and favorite Indian restaurant, Mughal Mahal, displayed and served 75 dishes on a 75 foot table made specially for the occasion at the Made in India exhibition that concluded last week at the Indian embassy premises.

The display featuring dishes from all parts of India was not only a visual treat but a culinary delight that completed a special evening of song and dance in an atmosphere that was nostalgic of India culture.

The Made in India exhibition featured a microcosm of Indian products and services in Kuwait, and the evening was capped with some of the most popular Indian delicacies from butter chicken and chicken biryani, to rogan gosh and masala dosa. Indian sweets were also served and guests were delighted at both the variety and taste that was a first-ever experience in Kuwait with so many dishes on display.

Mughal Mahal has constantly raised the bar with the consistent fine quality of its dishes, and has gained widespread recognition and applause for popularizing Indian dishes in Kuwait. With the high quality of their food and service they have been winning the hearts of local residents, giving a new dimension of food diplomacy to the age-old relationship between the two countries.

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