Good news for the mayo-averse, you do not have to stick with the winning combination of potatoes and mayo. There are a number of condiments that work equally well as a potato salad dressing, here are the best options.

Tahini: The sesame paste most commonly used to make hummus not only lends creaminess to potato salad, but also adds a nutty, toasted flavor.

Pesto: Stir pesto into most things and it will be better — and that definitely includes potato salad. Pick up your favorite store-bought brand to keep things easy on yourself, or if you have an abundance of basil, make your own.

Buttermilk: A splash of buttermilk is often added to traditional mayo-based potato salad to thin out the mayo and offset its full flavor with a touch of tang, but it can also be used on its own if you are looking for a little creaminess that is not overpowering.

Greek Yogurt: One of the best substitutes for mayo ready and waiting. You can swap in all or some of the mayo called for in a potato salad recipe with Greek yogurt. You will just want to opt for full-fat to achieve the richest, creamiest taste, although low-fat can be used if you prefer.

Sour Cream: Sour cream and potatoes are a natural pairing. Like yogurt, sour cream brings creaminess with the addition of tang. It can also be used in place of or in combination with mayonnaise.

Vinaigrette: The simple vinaigrette you use to dress your green salad every night is also a solid choice for your potato salad. To get the most out of it, toss it with the potatoes while they are still warm, so it can soak into them and make each bite extra flavorful.

Olive Oil: Good olive oil can be equally as rich and flavorful as mayo. Again, toss it with the potatoes while still warm to ensure they will absorb it easily, and toss in extra spices or chopped fresh herbs, too.


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