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Ministry of Health unveils mobile generators for emergency use

The initiative aims to ensure uninterrupted healthcare services in case of power outages.

• Eight mobile generators, including three 750 KVA and five 500 KVA units, have been deployed.

• The generators are equipped with cables, electrical panels, and fuel tanks for 12 hours of continuous operation.

• The ministry has previously provided 10 large mobile generators (1250 KVA) for use in emergencies.

The Kuwaiti Ministry of Health has taken a significant step to bolster the resilience of its healthcare system by launching a new initiative – the deployment of mobile generators across healthcare facilities nationwide.

This initiative underscores the Ministry’s commitment to ensuring uninterrupted healthcare services even in the face of power outages.

Enhancing preparedness for power outages

According to reports by Al-Rai newspaper, the launch ceremony was attended by key officials including Undersecretary for Engineering and Projects Affairs Engineer Ibrahim Al-Nham, Director of Engineering Affairs Engineer Nasser Abbas, and Operation and Maintenance Supervisor Engineer Abdulaziz Al-Enezi.

It marked the unveiling of eight mobile generators. These generators come in varying capacities, with three units rated at 750 KVA and five at 500 KVA.

Each generator is fully equipped with the necessary cables, electrical panels, and fuel tanks to guarantee uninterrupted operation for a full 12 hours at maximum load.

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Nham, Undersecretary for Engineering and Projects Affairs, emphasized the critical role these mobile generators play in strengthening the emergency preparedness of healthcare facilities.

He explained that these generators are designed to automatically activate in the event of a power outage, ensuring the continuity of essential medical services.

The number of generators allocated to each facility is determined based on its size and overall electrical demand. Smaller facilities may require only a single generator, while larger hospitals may be equipped with up to 18 emergency generators to guarantee comprehensive coverage.

Addressing infrastructure challenges

Al-Nham acknowledged that some older healthcare facilities were constructed without dedicated spaces for housing emergency generators.

To address this challenge, the Ministry’s Engineering Affairs Sector has undertaken the task of establishing dedicated generator rooms in these facilities to accommodate fixed emergency generators.

However, space constraints in certain smaller healthcare centers have made the construction of dedicated generator rooms impractical.

In these cases, the deployment of mobile emergency generators provides a flexible solution, allowing for easy transport and operation during power outages.

Engineer Nasser Abbas, Director of Engineering Affairs, highlighted the Ministry’s previous efforts to enhance its emergency response capabilities.

He mentioned the earlier deployment of 10 large-capacity mobile generators (1250 KVA) strategically positioned across different regions. These generators can be readily mobilized and deployed to address critical situations as needed.

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