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Minister of Public Works reveals ambitious plan to develop Kuwait’s tourism sector

• Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, stressed the need to strengthen the tourism sector in Kuwait and provide high-quality services that meet the needs and aspirations of everyone.

• The meeting discussed ways to enhance tripartite cooperation to support and develop projects that contribute to enriching the cultural, social, and tourism life in Kuwait.

• The plan aims to establish a distinguished infrastructure, develop new projects, develop the “food truck” sector, allocate strategic locations, improve the waterfront, and provide well-planned walkways and seating areas.

Minister of Public Works and Minister of State for Municipal Affairs, Dr. Noura Al-Mashaan, emphasized the importance of strengthening Kuwait’s tourism sector. Her goal is to provide high-quality services that cater to everyone’s needs and aspirations.

This, she believes, will position Kuwait as a leading example in organizing and developing mobile tourism and commercial projects.

Tripartite cooperation

Dr. Al-Mashaan met with Minister of Trade and Industry and Minister of State for Communications Omar Al-Omar and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Tourism Projects Company Sheikh Mohammed Al-Salman.

According to reports by Al-Qabas newspaper, the meeting focused on ways to enhance cooperation between their ministries. Their aim is to support and develop projects that enrich Kuwait’s cultural, social, and tourism life.

This collaboration aligns with Kuwait’s ambitious vision. The goal is to establish a distinguished infrastructure and enhance the country’s economic and tourism capabilities.

It will contribute to achieving sustainable and comprehensive development across various sectors, ultimately improving the well-being and satisfaction of Kuwaiti citizens.

Project details

The meeting involved an exchange of ideas on developing new and innovative projects. A particular area of focus was the “food truck” sector, also known as mobile restaurant carts.

Discussions centered on how to organize and develop this sector, including allocating strategic locations that complement Kuwait’s urban and cultural identity.

Another key focus area was improving Kuwait’s waterfront. This includes creating well-planned walkways and seating areas that adhere to the country’s urban and cultural standards.

Collaboration and recognition

Dr. Al-Mashaan expressed her appreciation to Minister Omar Al-Omar for the Ministry of Trade and Industry’s role in issuing and reviewing food truck licenses. She commended their efforts in organizing the sector to meet the needs of the Kuwaiti population.

Additionally, she acknowledged their work on reviewing and updating regulations related to food truck licenses, ensuring compliance with health, environmental, and quality standards.

The meeting addressed plans to ensure high-quality services that match the aesthetic appeal of Kuwait. This will provide unique cultural and tourism experiences for both visitors and residents.

Dr. Al-Mashaan emphasized the importance of joint cooperation between the three ministries and relevant authorities. This collaboration aims to achieve the desired goals and facilitate procedures to encourage entrepreneurs and investors in the promising tourism sector.

Ultimately, the collective effort is geared towards raising the aesthetic level of Kuwait and establishing it as a leading cultural and tourist destination, both regionally and globally.

The role of the Tourism Projects Company

The Tourism Projects Company is a key partner in organizing and implementing mechanisms for arranging Kuwait’s waterfront in a way that meets public aspirations and reflects the beauty of the marine region.

Their responsibilities include planning and designing tourist and recreational areas on the waterfront, along with managing and operating tourist and commercial facilities within those areas.

In cooperation with relevant authorities, the company identifies suitable locations for establishing tourism projects. They also plan these areas to maximize their potential while considering environmental and sustainability aspects.

Most prominent features of the tourism plan

The plan outlines six key areas for development:

  1. Establish a distinguished infrastructure
  2. Develop new projects
  3. Develop the “food truck” sector
  4. Allocate strategic locations
  5. Improve the waterfront
  6. Provide well-planned walkways and seating areas

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