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3,000 Nepalis obtain amnesty travel permits in Kuwait

Raj Malla
Special to The Times Kuwait

Following the conclusion of Kuwait’s recent amnesty program aimed at regularizing the status of undocumented residents, approximately 3,000 Nepalese nationals have obtained travel permits, according to Nepali Embassy sources.

The amnesty period, which ran from March 17 to June 30, allowed illegal residents to either rectify their status or return home without penalty. “We are pleased to announce that around 3,000 Nepali citizens have availed themselves of travel documents during the amnesty period,” stated Premraj Gautam, Information Officer at the Nepali Embassy in Kuwait.

While not all permit holders have left Kuwait yet, reports suggest that a significant number have already departed. Kuwaiti immigration authorities have confirmed the departure of many participants, easing concerns over their compliance with the amnesty terms.

However, challenges persist for some individuals who missed the amnesty deadline or were unaware of their illegal status. “Many Nepalis find themselves in a precarious situation due to misinformation or unawareness of their illegal status,” added Gautam.

The Kuwaiti government’s latest amnesty report reveals that a total of 35,000 immigrants took advantage of the opportunity, while an estimated 85,000 others remain undocumented. In response, Kuwait has intensified its efforts to crackdown on illegal residents and has warned of permanent deportation for those caught after the June 1 enforcement deadline.

The Nepali Embassy continues to assist its citizens in navigating the legal complexities and ensuring they are aware of the latest developments concerning immigration regulations in Kuwait.

For further information and assistance, Nepali nationals in Kuwait are encouraged to contact their embassy or consulate.

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