Kuwait National & Liberation Days 2024

Ukraine congratulates Kuwait on the occasion of National & Liberation days

Celebrating Resilience: Ukraine’s Message to Kuwait on National Days As we commemorate Kuwait’s National and Liberation Days, it is profoundly honorable to extend heartfelt congratulations from Ukraine.

These days symbolize not only the triumph of Kuwaiti spirit and determination but also the anniversary of overcoming brutal foreign aggression at a significant cost. One of the most harrowing aftermaths of Kuwait’s liberation was the environmental catastrophe it endured, serving as a stark reminder of the scars wars inflict on our planet.

This tragic ecocide resonates deeply with Ukraine, as we too confront the devastating environmental impact of aggression. Our struggles align parallelly, with both nations witnessing the profound consequences of armed conflict on the environment. Additionally, the environment in Ukraine is being weaponized in the war, further underscoring the severity of such conflicts.

Recent statistics reveal the extent of this tragedy in Ukraine, where hundreds of natural reserves have suffered damage, and ongoing hostilities have significantly polluted the air, water, and soil. The Black Sea, once teeming with life, now endures severe pollution, with oil spills and the disposal of toxic waste exacerbating the ecological crisis. The destruction of the Kakhovka Dam serves as another grim example of ecocide, having devastating, long-term, and widespread effects on climate change and global food security.

In our shared journey toward healing and restoration, Ukraine stands in solidarity with Kuwait. We celebrate Kuwait’s resilience and its path to sovereignty, recognizing the steep price paid for freedom. Let this occasion serve as a reminder of our united stance against any form of aggression and our commitment to safeguarding our planet for future generations.

H.E. Dr. Oleksandr Balanutsa
Ambassador of Ukraine


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