Slovakia is blessed with underground wealth in the form of therapeutic spas that are among the oldest and best in Central Europe. The spa waters reportedly contain curative powers to treat disease and revive health. They have been regarded as miraculous and remarkable since time immemorial. Possibly the best-known spa resort is Piešťany, which has grown in renown for its unique thermal mineral waters and its therapeutic sulphuric mud. Here are some of the best spas in Slovakia.

Piestany: Slovakia’s best-known spa town, with a large number of hotels, restaurants and gardens, in western Slovakia. Hot springs and sulphurous mud are among the main therapeutic features, for rheumatic and other physical complaints, skin treatments, and nervous disorders.

Bardejov: Many buildings boast of a grand style that are reminiscent of the old empire days, and is situated in an eastern Slovak valley. Patients with many conditions (including cardiovascular, respiratory, renal, diabetes mellitus and cancer therapy) come to Bardejov. However, many more come simply to relax and recharge.

Strbske Pleso: In the spectacular High Tatras National Park of eastern-central Slovakia, find the picturesque alpine lake that offers many winter and summer sports. Medically, it is the excellent air, not the water, that draws patients, particularly those with respiratory difficulties – but the mountain-spring tap water is also remarkable in its own right.

Vysne Ruzbachy: With a huge swimming pool of thermal water, and 14 different springs, this spa specializes in treatment of internal disorders as well as physical therapy.

Bojnice: Adjacent to one of Slovakia’s favorite and tourist-friendly castles, the spa in Bojnice nestles in the scenic western central Slovak hills. Health benefits lie mostly in rejuvenation of motor system, nerves and post-burn skin treatment.

Brusno: This spa situated in the region of Banska Bystrica. Mineral water is suitable for digestive problems, kidneys, stomach and intestine diseases.

Ciz : There is a specialty – iodine healing water which cures nerve, metabolism, gynecologic, and musculoskeletal system. It is a unique spa which has been famous for more than 100 years.

Dudince:  One of the ‘youngest’ spas in Slovakia, Dudince is located near the town of Sahy. It is the only one mineral water which cures musculoskeletal system and heart problems at the same time.

Horny Smokovec: It is situated in the center of the town of High Tatras and it is oriented on healing unspecified illnesses including those found in children and adolescents.

Kovacova:  Lying to the northwest of Zvolen, the spa in Kovacova is a wonderful place for all patients who want to heal their neurological and orthopedic problems.

Liptovsky Jan: Situated in the spectacular surroundings of mountains, this spa is focused on the treatment of dermatological illnesses, musculoskeletal problems, gynecological, neurological and heart problems.

Lubovnianske spa: Situated just 7 km from the town Stara Lubovna. There are five mineral water springs, with the most famous one being Andrej. It is known to help people who have problems with their stomach.

Lucky: One of the oldest spas in Slovakia. Gynecological problems, neurological diseases and musculoskeletal problems are treated here.

Nimnica: Located near Puchov and Povazska Bystrica, it is also referred to as the mineral pearl of Slovakia. Treatments for airways problems-pneumonia and post-operation conditions are found here.

Rajecke Teplice: You can find it in the wonderful area of Little Fatra. If you have problems with muscles, you can even visit the Afrodite spa house, which is the most beautiful spa that attracts visitors especially to its sauna and wellness services.

Sklene Teplice: Water springs in this area are really hot reaching temperature from 37 to 52 °C. A special natural gem of this spa is the Parenica- thermal bath with a possibility to bath in the cave with healing water springs.

Smrdaky: Very important spa because its specialization is treatment of dermal problems and musculoskeletal system with the help of sulfide mineral water and mud.

Trencianske Teplice: One of the most beautiful spa towns in Slovakia- the springs produce mineral water directly in spa pools with temperature at about 38° C.

 Turcianske Teplice: One of the oldest spa towns in Europe where curative mineral water is suitable for treatment of kidneys, urinal system and neurological illnesses. Visitors also benefit from drinking curative water here.

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