West Lake and Truc Bach Lake

The capital city of Viet Nam, Ha Noi, is famous for everything that exists, from the weather to the atmosphere. Among them, however, lies two things that connect everything: food and coffee. If you choose to sign up for a juicy, tasty adventure in Ha Noi, the chances are high that you will fall in love with the city. What will be needed? An empty stomach, a mind filled with passion, and a body ready for adventure.

Dine in these streets

Street food is a culture. It has been already defined by the Food & Agriculture Organization and the World Health Organization as “ready-to-eat foods and beverages prepared and/or sold by vendors or hawkers, especially in the streets and other similar places”. Many people will agree that it represents the typical culinary culture of each region and country.

In Ha Noi, the street kitchens of the Old Quarter will provide you with the authentic taste of how street food should be cooked. Steaming pots of its star anise-infused pho broth simmer on every corner; while every day, the scent of bun cha fills the air to charm the walkers from near and far. Walk to the south of the Old Quarter and you will also find spacious streets, and verdant parks, together with restored cathedrals and villas, insightful museums, and lovely lakes.

The surrounding areas are no less interesting. Take a quick stroll to Ly Van Phuc for barbecue chicken with a side of grilled honey bread and spicy chili sauce. Or grab a cab to Ngu Xa Street on Truc Bach Lake to try the capital’s famous pho cuon rolls and other local favorites. There are hundreds of reasons why tourist agencies always recommend you allocate a single day for the “food tour” around the capital city, and it lies in the thumb-ups of all the people who have tried it.

If you want to have a first impression of how delicious Vietnamese cuisine can be, the Republique restaurant in Kuwait City is the place to try. There you will find in the menu the Vietnamese fried rolls, fresh rolls, and beef pho, catered to you with the care and craftiness of the chef.

“Philias” of coffee, assemble

Whether you are a passionate coffee-philia (a made-up word for people who are crazy about this drink) or just curious about Vietnamese culture, you should not miss out on an opportunity to try the best cup of coffee in Ha Noi.

There are many ways to feel the rhythm during your coffee journey. One way is to take a stroll to the terrace of the Metropole Hotel and enjoy the fine coffee there. You will realize that the true rhythm of Hanoi life is far from hurried and is reflected well in every taste of your precious cup.

Another way to explore the coffee culture in the city is through the cafes with unique architectural styles. Historically diverse influence, together with subsidy phase austerity and modern practicalities have resulted in a compelling jumble of lovingly converted cafe shops. The list is long, but I am sure that you will find it worthy to come and give it a try.

If you want to have a sip of Vietnamese coffee in Kuwait, I also recommend you to wander along the beach to Manqaf, find the Al-Kout Beach Hotel and you will catch sight of Coffilia (coffee and philia, get it?) – the all-new Vietnamese coffee brand now available in Kuwait. The owner of the shop is waiting there for you to tell the story of how he discovered the finest coffee in the world in Viet Nam.

Coffee means much more than just the taste of it. Coffee now serves as a bridge connecting people and cultures from different parts of the world. The presence of the Coffilia coffee shop in Kuwait is a vivid testimony that the coffee culture of Ha Noi has a place in the Kuwaiti people’s hearts.
Take a sip of the coffee and for the love of it, we are pretty sure you will want to take all your luggage to Ha Noi.

– Images from Viet Nam Tourism Board,
Republique Restaurant and Coffilia

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